Winter is the best time to dream. Dreaming of the possibility of summer fishing or the often joyful memories of those endless days when the trout, obsessed with food, lose all caution and throw themselves at your fly!

Rolf Nylinder’s poetry, a kind of melancholy that clings to you, pulls you towards the happiness of the dry fly season, the friendship, the self-sacrifice, the total abandonment for this simple pleasure that lasts a thousandth of a second, this moment that only fishermen understand ; the strike, when the hook hits the mouth of the trout, at best its lips, but this is just the beginning. How long will it last? Will this fish be the possibility of a pleasurable satisfaction or will it open the doors to the hell of frustration and ruin this fishing day, even the fishing trip?

Rolf Nylinder, Håvard Stubö from Jazz & Fly Fishing and Markus Lemke from Gällivare, a trio that makes the dream machine work!