If you like Rolf Nylinder’s films, you’ll love those from Tingsong Lan.

In this film, we can see the influence of Rolf and Jazz and Fly Fishing: the voice-over, beautiful images, fishing, jazz and even a little skateboarding (we love that!). But that’s not all: there are scenes we’ve all experienced at some point. In particular, when it’s all over the place and you’re having trouble catching a fish for various reasons (broken gear, trees…). There’s nothing more irritating. I remember the last time it happened to me, it was in Aveyron in the middle of the evening. I had a hard time redoing the whole tip of my leader following a breakage, and I wasn’t done yet. It took me ages to tie the knot on my fly. As a result, it was almost time to pack up for lunch. In short, here’s a 47-minute film that’s a pleasure to watch on the big screen. However, only the English subtitles are available. But never mind, it’s still a great movie that we love at Mouching.