It’s been awhile since we didn’t treat you that good! As you’ve been nice and faithful and that we’re on holidays, it gives us more chance to write for you and give you the best! To start we couldn’t help posting this song from Les Négresses Vertes : Here coms summer (Voilà l’été) and the mood it’s setting you on is exactly the one we feel: free and happy! But that’s not all, we’re taking you to Scandinavia with our friend Rolf Nylinder in the forests of Lapland!

Here’s a diarie from Rolf Nylinder and his thoughts abour life, wilderness, fishing and humanity!

BTW can you enlight us? Why is it that in EVERY flyfishing film shot in Lapland there is always a scene where they are boiling coffee on a fire? And they seem so happy to drink it! For us, Southern EUropeans, who on ly drink expresso, it’s a philosophical question we ask ourselves. Feel free to answer in the comments!

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Fishing Invasive Brook Trout in Sweden

That’s it! Here’s enough to make you wait until the next post, which should be pretty soon! Love to you all, voilà !