A diary is intimate, it’s where you transcribe what you think about life, the emotions you identify, the people you meet, the events of the day. With Kokkaffe Diaries, you enter Rolf Nylinder’s world. This particular sensibility speaks of intimacy, of those privileged moments of encounters with other fishermen or his moments of solitude when, paradoxically, he expresses himself to the whole world, to you in front of your screen, as to me, on my sofa.

Episode 8: Today, Rolf and his Kokkaffe diaries take us on a tour of Mikael Jakobsson aka Mikael Jaksson, whose speciality is fly-fishing for pike in the undergrowth, with a mouse! Let’s go, darling!

Episode 9: A change of scenery: until then, Rolf had been whispering in the undergrowth, sneaking under the trees to cast his fly in front of the mouths of trout, the delicate little delicate mouths of grayling or the ferocious teeth of pike. Now it’s time for a change of scenery. You’ll see where it takes you!