Are you sweltering in the heat, lounging in the cool shade? Here’s something to refresh your body and mind! You’re off to Bhutan, in the foothills of the Himalayas, to fish for Golden Mahseer!

A few years ago, my buddy Jason, an Alaskan fisherman, shark scientist and intrepid traveler, told me he was going to Bhutan with his wife Cindy, also a scientist and fly fisher, to fish for the Golden Mahseer.

I’d heard of this fish, a sort of cross between barbel and chub, but with a muscular body like a salmon, capable of withstanding the torrents of melting snow or monsoons. In short, not the kind of fish you catch with a CDC, whistling in a cool breeze.

So today, with A Thousand Casts from Felt Soul Media (the guys who make the best outdoor films), you’re off to Bhutan with the charismatic Oliver White.