When we talk about flats fishing, we immediately think of sea fishing in paradisiacal spots like the Seychelles, Cuba, the Bahamas or Guadeloupe. And yet, you can also find them right in the heart of Montana.

Frankly, in view of the various heatwaves and the lack of water, sometimes you just have to abstain from teasing the trout in our favorite rivers (unless, like me, you’re lucky enough to have spots where the water stays very cool). As a result, fishing enthusiasts as we are, we have to find an alternative and target species that we’d say are a little more “exotic”, such as black bass, barbel or even carp. And it’s precisely the latter that will be the focus of this video. To hear our three friends talk, it really makes you want to give in to temptation. Sometimes they take nymphs, sometimes they rise to the surface, but the most interesting thing about looking for them in shallow water is that you can see their backs emerge from the water. Once they’ve taken your fly, it’s off to a sick fight with these powerful fish. Sensations guaranteed. If you don’t believe me, watch this video from The Fly Project and judge for yourself. I love the weird bit, it’s like being on an LSD trip.