I don’t know about you, but we’re really into this new season. It’s not so much about going out to piss off the fish, but well and truly about getting together with friends, having a laugh and sharing a good snack by the water.

Once we’ve said that, I think our playing partner becomes incidental. Sure, it’s always fun to go reel in some silk and catch a lucky trout, chub or whatever, but it’s even better to be able to share those moments with someone. Niklaus Bauer and Paolo Pacchiarini won’t deny it. The pair met up in Paolo’s native Italy to go sight-fishing for carp in the river. And yes, let’s face it, as the waters get warmer and warmer, we’re going to have new species in our rivers. Some will say it’s easy, pointless fishing… but it’s not. Niklaus and Paolo are big names in the fishing world, excellent casters, riggers and so on. It’s partly thanks to them that fly-fishing for pike has been democratized. In short, you’ll see that it’s really a tough fishery, but well worth the effort. Once you’ve hooked a carp, you’ll soon see that you’re dealing with a tractor at the end of the line that never concedes defeat, and what’s more, it’s a superb fish. But you still have to lure them in. In any case, our mouths are watering. Enjoy