While shooting our film around Mont Blanc, we crossed paths with 70-year-old Annie. We chatted with her because we were happy to see a woman fishing. It may sound silly, but it’s SO rare. She used to love the mountains and sports, but after an illness, she had to stop everything abruptly. Fishing enabled her to return to the mountains, but in a gentler way, to enjoy nature and the sumptuous landscapes of the Mont-Blanc massif, and above all the breath of fresh air that our passion brings. So, ladies, don’t hesitate to take up fishing – there’s always a place for you, even if you have to put up with our redneck humor.!!!

This first video is about Lauren Street, an adventurous angler. She doesn’t hesitate to take to the water in a van, and talks about the benefits of fly fishing for her. When we say it’s therapy, we mean it.

Now we’re off with Erica Lynn, stalking redfish in Tampa Bay on her skiff, a narrow and rather unstable craft. A powerful fish that’s not easy to lure, but that’s what fishing’s all about.

Fishing for grayling in the English chalk stream, isn’t that something? But with Amie, you’ll see, it’s really something else.

This latest film tells the story of Olivia Pierce, a 10-year-old girl who, on seeing men fishing on the Rogue River, became totally fascinated. She decided to do the same. She relied on her mother and Gracie Mills to make it happen. Another superb story of sharing.