We know you’ve all been at it since the opening and may have missed Rolf’s big comeback!!!! Luckily, we’re here for the catch-up session but not only…

And yes, this week has seen the release of Rolf’s new film. People often complain that fishing videos are too short. This time, you can sit back on your sofa, dim the lights and switch off your phone to avoid being bothered, because his film is 1 hour long. No surprises with him, it’s always the same formula: voice-over, black and white shots, waiting to catch a fish and, of course, coffee. It’s effective, and we can’t blame him, because that’s his trademark and that’s what makes his videos so charming. We’re also treated to a skateboarding session. It’s a pleasure.

There’s also the video by our French friends at Fly Fishing Discovery, COCORICO, starring Dylan Braillard and François Bietry: SECA, that’s the name of the film. It was voted best film at the RISE festival 2023. They went to Spain for a very pleasant trip. The spot is splendid and so are the fish. But it wasn’t easy with the very low water levels. But isn’t that also the pleasure of fly fishing? Struggling, questioning yourself, accepting failure?

And the last one, to round off the week, is a crazy film far from the blockbusters where the means of transport is the helicopter. It’s signed Hermit Company. Personally, it’s the one that made the biggest impression on me, because it’s more in my wheelhouse. The guys go fishing in a remote area and try to cook some crazy dishes in the middle of nowhere. Of course, they have to bring everything they need to prepare these meals. Don’t panic, our guys are too smart. They’re going to build a kitchen on wheels. One side for the food and the other for transport. And what’s great is that they’re also sharing the recipes. A bunch of mates, fly fishing and food. What more could you ask for?