Howler Brothers: Heed the Spring!

Woohooohooooo! Fresh as a dive in the morning water, hot as the sun on the beach, hype like the evening under stars, here comes the new Howler Brothers Spring collection! What could they do better than ask RC Cone to shoot a film? Here’s for your eyes.

Ellipsis: a lesson in video editing

There, this is the kind of stuff we really love at Le Mouching: there is not one redundant frame in those 48 secs. Everything is worked up in the details, everything counts. The sound/music is excellent. It’s a kind of trailer, I sincerely hope Crazy Eyes Prod (Allan Overgaard / Morten Jensen) will maintain such high standards for the LP. Kudos, guys!!

Rise 2015 (France)

Rise BandoSo here it is, it’s coming sooner than you think, the ultimate party before the opening season, The Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival, France !  And since we are very generous and we love our readers, we are going to offer you 10 seats for every venue! But it doesn’t come that easy, you’ll have to work  for that… send your email adress with subject MOUCHING in the header… there: RISE FREE TICKET specify which town you want to be invited to! There are 10 free seats per town!

They’re back!!

Bearnishfly is French fly film-making at its very best. They’ve got such a talent to look a everything on the river, water flowing, trees and leaves, meteors, boulders, fish, light, everything talks to their souls, and through the camera, to our heart. I’m so glad to hear from them, and to share it with you. So without further ado, here’s a whisky on the rocks.

Manifesto (another)

All right, all right, it’s a commercial. And this “manifesto” thing may be a little parasitic on our friend Cameron Mortensen huge work for the glass revolution (and his Fiberglass Manifesto). But almost everything it says just resonate in my soul, and it’s so well done.

By the way, don’t you find it strange the notion of manifesto has gained such a popularity in the States? Fifteen years ago, the only manifestos you’d heard of would come from the marxist-leninist tradition, or maybe from (marxist) artists. Sign of the times?

Riding on thin air

This thing is a pure piece of genius. Take 3 mesures of Tarantino, 3 measures of Bollywood, 3 measures of X-games spirit, spice up with a good splash of Jacques Tati, and there it is: the really best way to spend your next 3’33. Beats anything except sex and actual fly fishing, but if you’d had a shot at either you wouldn’t be reading this, right?

Raffle in Florida

What’s a Dan Decibel movie? It’s a thick sauce of rich sounds and cool photography, it’s a sense of rythm and hot music. But the meat is the story, and this time the story’s real good. The guys at Skinny Water Culture had a raffle organized for some charity cause, and Dan with his pal Jason Fernandez decided to donate a couple of fishing days with them. Mark Vedder won, and they let the camera roll to document the trip. I sure would have loved to win this, beats a fancy reel anyday.

Possible worlds

In this world Cyril’s frozen dead under a ton of snow and I’m dead bored under a ton of chores. But there’s a possible world where we’re on a flat, and it’s really hot, and there’s wind blowing in our faces and the guide says “50′ at 14″ and I hope, I really hope I won’t f#ck up this cast. Because Cyril already leads 3 to 1, and I’m not competitive or anything, but that sucks.

And since we dream about bones, why don’t we have a look at this fantastic film by Frenzy? Everything is just right here: photography, soundtrack (Cut Chemist), story. Gosh, I’d like to be there. And nail this cast.