Truth is: no one owes you happiness. It’s up to you to find it, to be deliberate about your priorities and how you live your life.”

A statement we embrace everyday at the Mouching.

Fifty shades of grey

I just had to make one FSoG joke, peeps. And actually it’s not that much of a joke. Firstly because, as you’ll surely notice, Scandinavian artists are indeed world leading experts at crafting beautiful things out of every perceptible nuance of gtey. And secondly because, almost as much as winter steelhead, seatrout is a quary for the masochists among us.

1000 casts

Step, swing, cast
Step, swing, cast
Step, swing, cast

Just like a self induced transe, hypnotic rythm and a dance with the cold, the winter steelheader’s soul drifts along the river, maybe in search of the fish, maybe in search of that inner limit, that last cast, the one that will send you home maybe broken but not tamed…

North American fishermen are worried. Even legendary waters like the Thompson, which flows through British Columbia, are threatened. Fishermen of the world, UNITE. Those rivers belongs to our kids, we must take care of them. For they too should come to the winter shores to test their mettle and find their truth.

What goes, what stays

Life’s all about change, and sometimes change will hurt. In such times, if you are lucky, you’ll get in touch with the deeper parts of your soul, those very simple parts where the slow tempo of bamboo casting, the sound and feel of a cold stream, the lively pull of an angry trout all come together to remind you that you are alive, and that whatever eats you now, as everything else, will eventually go with the flow.

A very nice movie by Movi-Media, great story telling if you can get past the initial awkwardness of this manly intimacy, that is…

Hey buddie, you like pike?

Here’s you daily dose of crazyness if you like pike, if you are a pike addict, this is for you! And since we are very generous, you’ll get double pleasure! Here’s Fishing for Big Pikes part 1 & 2 from Balck Bay ! And don’t come to complain we don’t treat you well!

Blue river and a cause

First it’s a film. Fantastic colors slowly emerging out of the blue towards the light of the day, beautiful fisherman figures putting rods together in the cold morning stillness. You feel it, don’t you? That’s the mark of great images, this ability to take you somewhere that is at the same time new and also familiar. The big river, the chill, the friends and the ritual. Words and long silences. The long casts, again, again, again… The search for chrome.

And then there’s a message. There must be some sense of purpose associated to that much beauty. Hence the noble decision to try and do something to protect what’s really precious to us all: youth, and rivers. If you wish to help, nothing’s simpler: consider buying the beauiful wallets the Fly Fishing Collaborative proposes. Superb flies and craftsmanship, for a cause.

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Candide Thovex, full movie

We always like to treat you well because we beleive our readers deserve the best and some of you might not go fishing this week end. so as the ski season is ending soon, here’s to make you happpy for at least an hour (but the feeling of happyness will last much longer!). So for you here’s Few Words, a Candide Thovex film, full length. Please can you shoot fly fishing films like this one?

Early season stonefly

Another good tying video from Tightline. There are two things I really like in this stonefly pattern: the cdc usd as a dubbing, which gives really nice body fluffiness, and the way the wing is built. I always struggle to get symetric wings, and doing it this way gives automatically a very good shape. That’s great!