Joe Brooks, the famous fisherman from ABC’s “American Sportsman”, in the 60′s and 70′s. We all owe him something. This documentary project will show us who he really was. And how Fly Fishing can save someone’s life. From one addiction to another. But it’s in fact much more thant just that. Just go HERE to stay tuned anout that documentary.


Fly fishing for bass in Papua New Guinea? Who would have thought about that if not the happy crew from Geobass… Ready to go to any length to fight the bass! Here’s your week end film, 20 minutes of crazyness in a land where not that long ago…you could have ended in a deliciouse stew…



This piece is about a lady of the angle. There’s so much calm in what she says, such a gentle yet precise way to word what she has to say. Despite her worldwide recognition for her outstanding abilities as a caster, a fisherwoman and a teacher, what matters most here is rather that powerful familiarity with the simple elements of fly fishing. Guenuine, and fascinating.


Here’s for your week end, for all of us who haven’t had the luck to go fishing in Russia, 15 minutes for us to dream about.  Big rainbows on dry!


The fantastic story of a life through the geopolitics of the second half of the 20th century. What a character, what a fantastic craftsmanship! From the mined borders of cold-war Hungary to the huge tarpons of Florida’s flats, here’s for you the epic tale of the week. One of those stories that leave your mind adrift when you hear them over an old whisky on a november night. Ted Juracsik, the Tibor man.


I love those films, they just show me what I’m dreaming of, I’m at my desk at Le Mouching’s office and there is a guy that comes in my  world telling me there’s a better place for me to be…. I want to go to Gaspésia! I want to fish that salmon! I want to wathc the TV show.


Our dearest Alps still hide some gems, deep canyons where the cold and pure water runs from high above, and where lie beautiful trouts. Those fish are certainly shy, probably scarce, but what an exhilarating sight to hold them in the flow, to feel the bite of the cold and the splash when they get free and return to their secret life.

PS. Maybe with another soundtrack, though…


All the fellows who’ve been to Sweden this summer have had terrible conditions for fishing… drought and awfully hot waters, no fish out… and that’s what happend to us! But some of us had the good feeling and they went there at the end of spring/beginning of summer. Our bud Thias has been to Location X with his fellows, with Fantastic Mr Trout. And they lived what you dream about when you go on a fishing trip: crazy fishing in a crazy landscape. Big Up guys!!!


9 Degrees South – The Land of Giants, fly fishing for Giant Trevaly in some of the most beautiful places on earth! Names that will sound like bucaneers dreams : Assumption, Astove, Cosmoledo, Alphonse, Desroche, Bijoutier… Those islands in the Seychelles are filled with fish, it’s the ultimate dream for one who fly fishes. I ‘ll just stop to rattle and let you watch the whole film. Enjoy!  Click the picture, it’s an instant travel, you’ll be in the heart of where the action is! 9 degrees South - The land of Giants


Kids are back to school? Let’s watch  a movie to celebrate our freedom again! Thanks to our friends from Hooké we can treat oursleves after having had to take care of those little monsters all summer! Enjoy!

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In March 2014, the tribe went to Patagonia for a brown trout fly-fishing trip at the Cinco Rios Lodge. We explored lakes, creeks and rivers caught some big fish and met locals with whom we share great souvenirs.

In this expedition through Chile’s majestic landscapes we had the chance to live numerous surprises. Rare hatches, Chinook salmons, Rainbow trout, brown trout, unreal scenery and new encounters tinted this expedition with intensity. We are proud to present you with the Hooké Patagonia: Aventura de Pesca a Mosca, intended to every adventure, fly-fishing, music and good vibe enthusiast.