Aloha Nalu

C’mon, France’s in the middle of a heatwave, it’s hot, it’s July, and that’s what we need: fresh waves from one of the best spots of western Australia, the graceful and explosive beauty of Malia Manuel, rad tubes and someone really in charge of the video: Steven Briand. As good as ever on this one, a masterclass in proper drone use. Lesson #1: turn the drone into a character of the film.


This may easily pass as the remnants of some military fiesta, or maybe as a couple of whale farts. But no, my beloved readers, no. This is just what hell looks like: millions of man eating blood thirsty midges in full reproductive debauchery.

Here are some details thanks to the heroic reporters of the BBC.


Here’s a new webpage that all of us is going to be checking daily, or at least everytime something is posted! Escapads is an international website about adventure based in France, wether you are a surfer, hiker, skiier, cyclist, trekker, fly fisher, in two words; an outdoor’s man, Escapads is made for you! It has the best of all the good stories from the best dedicated and it as also a store where you can get, simply the best! Chesk it out, you’ll be hooked!

Beulah in Baja

So here’s a Beulah commercial of some sort. Along with a good opportunity to listen to Police at their best (Shadows in the rain, from Zenyatta Mondatta), this otherwise rather uninteresting video demos what is in my view the next big thing in fly fishing: switch and double handed rods and casts are escaping their salmon/steelhead niche, and will take the lead in many other fishing situations. A double hander is a solution to consider every time you need to get your fly far and fast. Landing a streamer at 30m with a double hander is no work at all, that’s a huge plus when you fish the surf for instance.

Meadows Project, Spring

Here’s the trailer of what’s coming up in july, we don’t want ot miss it, it’s delicious, trivial, vernal, oragnic. Everything, everything that we love in this trailer, even a fish! Meadow Project.

Hooké: Salmon kickoff!

Wooolooomooolooo! That is the season kickoff! Hooké, what would we do without you?

Click on CC for subtitles.

After waiting all winter for this moment, the time had come to get back on our rivers and fish for Atlantics! This time around it was Stuart’s and Emile’s turn to get their hands on their first Atlantic Salmon. The guys headed out to Port Cartier, located on the North shore of the Saint Lawrence River, at the mouth of the Aux Rochers River. The rivalry between them was pretty funny but at the end of the day they both got their hands on what they were looking for. After all it’s all about having a good time!

Musique :
Shakey Graves – House of Winston
Bon Iver – Skinny Love (JR Nelson Remix)

Fiber, dude, fiber.

Amazing film, short, beautiful and strange. But the fiberglass rod with its very special action, makes this film a beauty.

Find Your Water

The latest espisode from Find Your Water‘s season 1 was out two weeks ago, in case you’ve missed it or even missed the precious numbers, her’s the whole season, our favorite one is Carp in the desert aka Episode 3. All of this thanks to Redington.

Episode one : Our Backyard

Episode two : Cutties and Couloirs

Episode three : Desert Gold

Episode four : Backcountry

Episode five : Blue Collar Salt

Episode six : Fly Fishing Eh?