Missoula vibes

Missoula, Montana. Mountains, wild trouts in white water, long drifts and many shots at those black spotted fish. Our brothers in arms from Hooké really know how to make good use of any opportunity to cast a fly at a good fish… Splendid slow motion, and interesting over-exposed images, perfect editing, that’s a good job indeed.


So, Gil Rowley took a couple of buddies, none of which knew anything about the fly, for a fishing trip, And to make it even more fun, they decided to go hunting for Mako shark. Well, it may sound a crazy idea, and actually it is. But they are in California, so they could try their luck with one of the best guides there is for shark on the fly: captain Mark Martin of sandiegosaltwaterflyfishing.com. And what happens when you hire a real pro is that suddenly things go your way. So the implausible happens, and a complete beginner casts a huge fly on a 12wt, in the face of an angry mako. He’s in for a ride.

And that speaks directly to our Mouching hearts. Because next week, Cyril will hopefully put a good bend in our Flatsman 12wt with the blacktips of the Bahamas. And a week later, the very same rod, if the fish gods are with us, will be put it to another kind of test, with the porbeagles of Normandy’s coast. Stay tuned, the Mouching is on a mission.

Thight Loop, kickstarter

You remember Tight Loop? Of course you do, they offered us some of the best short films on fly fishing the East Coast. But this time, we’re going to help them to make something bigger, we are all going to throw in a coin so they can make their documentary, a road movie, going fishing in Montana driving a Volswagen Transporter from Main… Support their project and join Kickstarter! Click on the picture below, they’l explain that to you much better than we’ll ever do!Tight Loop Kickstarter

This Is Fly 51

What’s happening, it’s season’s opening everyone is by the water or getting its gear ready and here comes down a load of magazines to read… Where are we going to find some time to go through them all! The latest and maybe one of the best regarding layout and image quality: This Is  Fly! Issue 51 is filled with treasures! It’ll be a shame not to read it, so read it!This Is Fly 51

UFO — 寶島漁很大

As is Unidentified Flyfishing Object. Japan is well known for producing a specific kind of mass-mediatic madness, the kind that will leave you speechless while the fatidic three letters w, t and f unavoidably will form in your mind. Actually, it may or may not be a shintô meditation technique where you achieve enlightenment through stunning your mind by a transcendental form of farce. I may also just be a fat pile of whatever. Anyway, I find it really funny to watch.

Seatrout Memories

An atmospheric piece, with this kaleidoscopic quality of the memories we cherish, where moments rearrange along lines that come from our hearts and not chronology. The piano is a perfect counterpoint for the images, exploration of a theme, obsessive, meditative, just like when we revive those images we bring back from the shores.

Southern Culture On the Fly #15

This is what we have been waiting for, a taste of fresh water and a feeling of salt on our face! That’s about how I would explain SCOF, 172 pages of bliss, that’ll take you from trout to bonefish, carp to tarpon and pike to permit, with all the in-betweens, meaning: life on it’s own!  You read it and you feel right, you feel this magazine is made for you! SPecially for you. Just dive in, SCOF #15 is a bomb! scof

Crooked & Acklins

In 10 days, hopefully, if my hurt shoulder let me do it, I’ll be casting in Bahamas for Bonefish in Crooked Island and Permit in Acklins. I hope I’ll be able to cast shark on the fly, for that matter i’m looking forward to try my new rods I’ve orederd from Loop, I’ll be testing the Cross S1 Faltsman#12 and the famous new Flatsman #11 which is supposed to be the ultimate machine for big fish, even better than the #12…in the meantime I’m warming up, check this video!