Black & pike

Cool footage from the guys at Goldtown Films. Great sense of rythm. Nice pike action, nice carbon bend and nice loops too (pun intended). And some interesting images about the complications you’re likely to have to deal with when you’re two people flyfishing with big streamers on the same boat. Wear a hat and your shades all the time. And be ready to backcast.

Fly Fishing in Iceland

Great teaser from Benoit de Vilmorin for Fly Fishing in Iceland, it just makes us want to stop whatever we’re doing and head to the land of snow and fire to have fun with Atlantic salmon and trout! From all the feedback we have, Gummi, the owner is a hell of a nice guy to fish with!

Guides, fly fishing guides.

“…Guiding is a totally different thing from fishing, ” That very simple sentence makes the whole difference. That’s probably why there are some “guides” and some “good guides”! Guiding requires much more than just knowing how to fish, it requires something much bigger than that, it requires being able to share, to be humble and caring! That’s why it’s difficult to be a good guide…it requires human skills that very few humans have. That’s why we love guides, that’s why we always take a guide whereever we go because it’s much more than fishing, we love guides and we cannot wait to watch this documentary : Through The Guides !

Punta Allen from above

Our friend Alain Morizot give us as a greeting card : some bird’s views from Punta Allen, Mexico (This is not a fly fishing film)! I always wanted to take a drone while fishing the flats but I was always afraid of two things. First that the drone would crash in the water, second that the drone, or its shadow, would spook the fish…. I cannot wait to see Alain’s next film to see how he managed to avoid that! But I have a question, for a lot of  filmmakers: Why on earth do you have to put Teutonic Knights music on your videos?

Yaute’s fly fisherman

Here a cool blog from Michael Georges (not George Michael!) fly fisher from Savoie, French Alps, we love his pictures. Ttake a tour on his website and enjoy a day fishing on Savoyards rivers! 


Our Dordogne, I say our because we all love it, because Dordogne is a gift for us, French fly fishermen, a gift because we can fish it from March to November. It’s not an easy river, you have to cast with 18ft tippets… fish is spooky and hard to trick, but, what a river!

Rise Film Festival 2015 – France

Rise 2015Here it comes! The Rise!Get ready to book your evenings if it’s showing near you!

You want the programe? Here it is: 

- Back Country (NZ)  - Le cercle (F) - Yow: Icelandic for Yes (USA) - Mediterranean (F)

Oloron Ste Marie (64) - Cinéma le Luxor – 20 février 2015 à 20h00.

Bayonne (64) - Cinéma L’Atalante – 21 février 2015 à 21H.

Le Puy-en-Velay (43) – Ciné Dyke – 28 fevrier 2015 à 17H30.

Cahors (46) - Cinéma ABC – 6 mars 2015 à 17H30.

Riom es Montagne (15) - Cinéma Le Quai des Arts – 8 mars 2015 à 17H30.

Brives la Gaillarde (19) - Cinéma le Rex – 7 mars 2015 à 17H.

Morbihan (56) - Plus d’informations sur le site internet – 22 février 2015.

Beaurepaire (38) - Cinéma l’Oron – 27 février 2015 à 21H.

Avignon (84) - Plus d’informations sur le site internet – 19 février 2015.

Champagnole (39) - Cinéma les trois républiques – 01 mars à 14H30.

All bookings HERE

 And to be patient, here’s Backcountry trailer, a journey fly fishing in North Island New Zealand.


Take them out fishing. We’ve got to pass on the flame. I remember my daughter with her little pole, bent to the point her nose was almost touching water, and catching roaches on a bobber. She was striking on takes even I couldn’t see, I was amazed. Of course, maybe it was just luck. And I’m not a fan of genetic hocus pocus explanations, but I must confess that, for once, I was tempted. Watching her, I was thinking of her maternal lineage, generations of cunning poachers and meat providers in the French Berry, almost a century ago…

Just take the kids to fish.