The Soča in Slovenia is a magnificent river for trout and grayling fishing. Looking at this video from the guys at Fisher KG, I’m beamed there again, feeling the powerful flow against my thighs, mesmerized by the incredible blue of the water, changing by the minute with every cloud, every gust of wind, with the slow movement of the sun. The fish, everywhere. The white rocks. I remember when I was standing exactly where they are, body and mind deep into the river. And then I remember the verses a poet wrote, a morning of August 1916, bathing in the Soča which was then one of the temple of death, the sacred grounds for the mass murders of the first world war.

Questo è l’Isonzo / E qui meglio / Mi sono riconosciuto / Una docile fibra / Dell’universo**

This is the Soča and there I best knew myself as a docile fibre of the universe.

Is there anything fitting better the fly fisherman and his line?

**  Giuseppe Ungaretti, I fiumi in L’Allegria Vita d’un uomo. Tutte le poesie, Mondadori, 2005.

SALT 365

Salt water fishing 365 days/year…. Southern California, where you never know what you’re gonna get! There ain’t nothing like salt water fly fishing, they say, it’s true that salt water fish gives you a jolt no other fish does!


You want to catch BIG trout? They sure like streamers… Here’s your Sunday film, Obsession by , a season catching big trout in Oregon. Fifteen minutes of happyness.


At last! Youguys remember when we talked about Waypointslatest COnfluence’s film? Well, now you can watch it on your screen through Vimeo on Demand! I’m sorry I can’t write anything else, I have a film to watch! Waypoints


Here’s to drive mad all carp fly fishers: Carpland official trailer! This RA Beattie is going to drive you nuts, from Idaho to Michigan and California, to Colorado and Illinois,all of you carp addicts are going to have a hard time waiting for the final movie. In the meantime,we hope you’ll ease your pain by reading Le Mouching, daily.


As if everything we’d do by the river was slow motion, as if all that we feel was bigger than it is, as if the pleasure we have was endless, as if the days were longer, as if we would get much more from fly fishing, that’s what this film makes me feel. Fishing always makes me a better person. Great job ArcticSilver !


Brian Elward is a monomaniac half of the year: he’s set on seabass. He hunts them in a fishery that I find absolutely beautiful. Not your savage coast, not the rocks and cliffs of Britanny or New Jersey, but one of the largest industrial harbors of the world. Check these fantastic sights you get while fishing, I find it awesome. Let us join him and hope (and fight for it) that one day, fishing regulations change in Europe, they put an end to this f**king crazy depredation on reproduction zones, kick the asses of the sea’s mass murderers and that the seabass population thrives again. And we’ll have a chance again to get spanked by an angry 30 incher between the blocks.


We all have a father a grand father an ancestor who has been in touch with war. What is the best opportunity than this day to think about them. The DVD is for sale, starting today, because it had to be today. Mending the line, thank you to every one who faught for freedom. Thanks to Uncage the Soul


West Coast Wild needs you. On Le Mouching we show you hundreds of shorts, trailers and whole films about fly fishing every year, you get them all for free, alll you need is an internet connexion and a whole land of dreams is available to you. Today, we are going to ask for your help, not much, we are going to ask you to vote for a project, West Coast Wild. A fly fising adventure series made by Roy Wheeldon (remember Paid in Full?) that is waiting for your support so he can get the shooting going, all you need is to vote, go to their Storyhive page and vote in the top right corner (they need your name and email address). All we hope for is that you are numerous enough to sign up so we’ll all have the pleasure to watch West Coast Wild! Here’s the pitch:


OK, it is not fly fihsing, but still, it’s a hell of a fishing film and it’s a good way to wake up! You can (MUST) watch the entire filmHERE! Have a  week end !