SIFF stands for Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing, but it’s Peter Laurelli’s films, they are awesome! They probably are what is the best of SUP and other floating devices that allows him to catch his favorite species, any species in the atter. We cannot wait for the full film coming out in February!


Wonderland! Our friends from Hooké have just released  probably one of the best Xmas gift you’ll have this year: a 20 minutes film on fihsing the Ungava bay! For now, here’s the trailer, but you can book your tickets to see it in full at the International Fly Fishing Film Fest if you are in Northern America, but if you are elsewhere, be patient. In the meantime Enjoy!


Marylin MonroeMarilyn Monroe, everytime I go fishing I always dream I am going to go fishing with her. Her beauty was mind blowing. But that’s not all, today, since Xmas is right across the corner, we’ll treet you more than usual. Look at her, and what about that film with Arthur Miller, just that is worth all the fly fishing movies we’ve showed you, doesn’t it makes you want to go fishing for stripped bass in the Hamptons? . ANd if you were looking for a Xmas present idea, why don’t you ask for a dvd of The Misfits


Lucky ones, yes, you are the lucky ones, more than half an hour of Salmon FIshing in BC, From Oslo, Norway to the rivers of British Columbia a bunch of friends have a great time and they made an awesome film! Check it out!


Deborah Kerr : Sister Clodagh.
Black Narcissus is a british movie done by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, released in 1947, from a 1939 novel by a british author Rumer Godden. Photogram from the “flash back sequence”.
Le mouching, fly fishing, kerr


If you want to say Bonefish in New Caledonia, you have to say Paipai, and when we say Paipai you have to understand you just said “Big Bonefish” because that’s what it’s all about… on Ouvéa Island, the flats are known for big bones, that you fish from the beach or wading, surrended by sharks… here is the trailer of our friend Pierre Monatte new film that will be shown at The Rise Film Festival. And it’s only a teaser… in the final movie, they are catching… big, big fish…

Hnimek: one of the last wild sanctuaries. A strange feeling to enter into communion with powerful Mother Nature and a unique human experience.
Denis Watiligone (, native from Ouvea, has one goal: make you know the joy to be cling to a silver torpedo in the midst of a worryingly go back and forth of sharks. Here, Shark is the King. Bonefish is a Prince.
Bonus: fish off the coast of Isle of Pines with Ivar, the boss of Kou Bugny hotel.


When we’re walking miles along the flats or in chilly river waters up to the hips of our waders, let’s face it, we’re all rock stars. It’s our show. Win or lose the prize is always ours for the taking just because we spent the day doing what we love. We toast the day’s efforts when the sun goes down; this is our award ceremony.

But imagine if you will, a bonafide celebration in which everyday anglers are honored like celebrities. Imagine if there were actual prizes for your passion and productivity in sports fishing beyond the cold beverage that awaits you at the end of your fishing day. Sounds like the stuff of an angler’s fantasy, but in Norway, it’s reality.

The place: Oslo, Norway on a surprisingly mild Saturday night in December. The event: Gullkroken (The Golden Hook) 2014, organized by Hooked, sponsored by Loop. Gullkroken honors Norwegian sport fishing in an Academy Award-esque ceremony with all the glitz, glamor and mayhem you’d expect anywhere BUT in a room with a bunch of anglers.

The stage was set The Cristiana Teater in Oslo. Outside revelers were ushered past velvet ropes and a V.I.P photography station and into the classical auditorium. A row of gilmmering golden hooks were under the watchful guard of the two statuesque Norwegian goddesses who would escort them to their recipient over and again throughout the night. Cato, from Bekkis Drums Fish, the waist length blond haired, three piece suited, fast talking MC took the stage and the party started.

The excitement was palpable in the theater. Over 600 attendees filled every brocade chair in the house. They cheered for their favorite in such categories as “Best Fly Fisher” and “Best Fishing Film”. Several music acts performed life on stage in between awards including a solo performance by Geir Ruud, The Maggots (a band comprised of the MC Cato himself, Håvard Stubø of  Jazz & Fly Fishing (winner of the best film, The Curse ) and Lars Lenth). The headline act: Norway’s beloved pop music band, “Donkey Boy“.

Top honors of the evening went to angler Torunn Handleland. After this last coveted Golden Hook was placed in her hands, the party continued way into the night.

Though to my ears the language sounded like a sweet parody of something deliciously Scandinavian, a few things became abundantly clear as the night pressed on: Norwegians love fish, they love fishing and they love a good party. Norway elevates fishing culture and anglers to the pantheon of superstars. Skål!

Article: Elizabeth Kamir


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Are you ready? You better get the right protection for your eyes because what you are about to see in the latest issue ot Catch Magazine is so beautiful, you might get blinded! In other words, get you gear ready, if those photograpies are doing the same to you that they did to us, you’re going to want to go right now to those amazing destinations for trout, salmon, pike perch, bonefish, tarpon… If it’s not done yet, suscribe you’ll be giving yourself a nice Xmas gift!

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