Big pikes in Tjuonajokk

An incredible day with sir Bauer from Kanal Gratis team at the great mountains of sweddish Lapony. 37 minutes of hapiness, looking for big pikes while sight fishing. Personally, this kind of fishing makes me crazy… Looking into the eyes of every fish under the boat while it’s following your fly, what could be more annoying ? The guide seems to be doing a great job. He comes from Tjuonajokk Fishing Camp. You will notice that some shots are really beautiful! If I had that kind of lake at hand, I would probably spend hours there! Pike flyfishing can be a real drug. The fishing as the flies conception are really interesting!

La Catedral

La Catedral, for those who know is a compulsary stop in Buenos Aires, of of the best clubs to dance and have fun, not one of those places specialy made for turist with Tango for lamers, no, La Catedral is the place where you find the Portenian youth with good live music, fantastic dj’s and terrific food. So when I saw that our friends from Jazz & Fly Fishing made a film with that name, I was thrilled. This film like the night club is one of a kind, a jewel from the image to the music, and the editing, so romantic, so beautiful you want to cry. Please, please, give us other films like this one, it is bliss.

Prelude Saudade (Augustin Barrios Mangoré), performed by our good friend Jørgen Skogmo

Peacock Bass

How more exotic can it get, figure out, Peter Husted from Denmark joins Chris Helt in Florida to go fishing for Peacock bass, isn’t that international fly fishing friendship? We should all do the same kind of trips! When are you guys coming to fish with us in Europe? Guys we love internet and social medias, it binds people together!

Water’s Edge Media + Spooled Reels


This fish is an Obsession…

I’m in love with Pike

This must be love! And sometimes love bites, hard. How bad do we love Pike when the trout season is over?  Another gift from Frontside Fly

In the woods

Silence, the silence of the forest, every sound takes much more place than we think, with our ears used to the city rumble we feel at peace in the forest. Working with wood gives us a special energy, a special feeling that only if youh ave roamed the woods and cut trees, you’ll be able to understand. The silence filled with sounds, the smell of the gaz, the sound of the saw, and it becomes silence when you have to think how to cut the tree so it falls where you want, and this emptiness once it’s fallen.  This film is amazingly beautiful, from an oak to the final work all the process is magic. A must! This is your’ weekend film, a great cinematographic lesson, a fantastic sound design and direct sound, I hope that all our flyfishing film makers wiil watch it and learn from it. it’s a gem.

Frying Pan River, Colorado

This film is perfect, we don’t care who’s in it, we hardly see their faces, it’s not important, waht we care for is the feeling we get from that film, so simple and yet filled with all we love, everything of a fly fihsing trip is in it.


Scotland as we rarely see it on a fly fishing film, promises of many experiences, your skin will be beatten by the winds, your hands might feel cold but the warmth of being with your friends will be stronger than any chill!