Flip Flop Fly

Here’s a very instructive video about some fine points of Giant Trevallies fishing on the fly from the guys of Fish the Swing. Some of you may have overlooked it, but fly fishing for GT is not unlike hunting a nice brown of some English chalkstream. It’s all about understanding the feeding behavior, matching the hatch, casting grace and a delicate presentation (as demonstrated at 2’08″), subtle takes and adequate strikes. Undoubtedly a gentleman affair.

Colorado Cane

End-of-the-year celebrations are coming fast, together with their mandatory mass-consumption hysteria. For us fly fishermen, who are balls deep into rod / reels / waders / capes fetishes, it’s a good time of the year. We get to indulge, and, for once, others help us to do so. So for you my friends who are still immune to one of the wickedest forms of rod envy, here’s a little video to help you build a new and fortune-wrecking desire: a bamboo rod. I must warn you in advance that most of the sciencey mumbo-jumbo about cane being a “technical” material is just a big pile of whatever, even if — obviously — cane has characteristics of its own. I don’t think one should look into the tech specs to advocate bamboo as a rod building material. You want cane because of poetry, and I feel very sad each time I hear someone who feels compelled to disguise his heart’s own little madness as science junk. The only argument for a bamboo rod (and the mortgage you need to get it) is that it makes you happy, and it’s a very good one.

Ascension Bay, bonefish

You better turn the sound up and watch this film on full screen, this film is maybe the film of the month, beautiful and powerfull, the sound is perfect, listen to the choppy waves against the boat, that unic sound every salt water fly fishier knows, you forget about it, and than you hear it again and it brings back memories. Memories of hot sun beating you down and it reminds you the very peculiar state we’re in when we are fishing, we are hunting. This film is a beauty, I warn you. Once it’s over, you’ll want more.

Forza Italia

You like Italian food? Do you ever thought about going fishing in Italy? We always think of Italy as a country to go visit for Florence, Tuscani, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Venice and so on, but what about the moutains, the Dolomites, the Alpes, Northen and Southern, have you ever thought of bringing a rod and than go cry in front of a Caravaggio. You need a proof that fishing in Italy is amazing, just watch.

Black and White

Two years of fishing, two years of bliss, with streamers or with dries, a very special feeling brought by the black and white  but at the end, a film on fly fishing that is doing on ly one thing to us, we want be fishing too.

Vestlandet pearls

At the far west point of Scandinavia, in Vestlandet region in Norway are many rivers with massive salmon, Atlantic Salmon of course! So here’s enough to drive us crazy but not only, it’s also a film filled with hapîness! What else do we need but to see a flyfisherman happy? Obviously when it comes to fly fishing, Scandinavia has it all ! English subs : click on CC lower right corner of screen, as usual.

Son of a Fish!

It’s deep down in us, we cannot fight it or go against it! We’re doomed, our whole life is about fishing! But this comes with a bunch of friends, happy days and a bucket of fishing trips! Check out this film from Delta Trout Force,: Christmas Island, Colorado, Baja California, and Wyoming, where there is fish, there is happiness.


In addition to his support mail, we received this film from Henrik Malmland, fishing in Norrbyströmmen, dark and beautiful, with the amazing voice of Daniel Norgren, it brings peace to our hearts. Soon, soon, we’ll all be fishing again! Let winter go by. Thank you Henrik.

Power of the River

Power of the riverHere are all the clips of introduction to Power of the River. Watch them all and help them complete the entire film by participating to their kickstarter project.


Auoutou, means autumn in the local language of Massif Central the mountains in the middle of France. Pierre Monatte was editing his latest film when he learned what happened in Paris this friday. So he decided to send us this film all about nature, fall colours and esay living. To heal our pain. Pierre, the same name as our friend Pierro who was shot while having fun at a rock concert. And sweatness as was young Suzon, who loved the band she went to see. May this kindness be for all of you. We know that nature and time will heal our wounds.

Oregon Steel

In the middle of the night, I opened an eye, our friends from Revive Journal had just sent us an email and the famous “ding” wole me up, dew to the european time I was just asleep, so I decided to watch what they had sent me. Boys of th River!After watching it I could not go baclk t o bed again, I was so excited, I had visions of steelheads ans Oregon landscapes in my mind and it kept me away quite awhile! It’ll probably do the same to you.

Autumn Sea Trouts

Here’s what happen when one guy fishes and the other didn’t even bother to take his rod. The other guy can fully concentrate on shooting. So the shooting ends up very good, so you can edit a really beautiful clip, and everyone will be amazed by the Norwegian beaches, and the light, the rocks, by how fantastic fly fishing can look. So find a friend who does not fish, you’ll get much better videos. And then, you can ruin everything with R&B, but that’s not compulsory.

Slow down

As any other video trick, GoPros, drones, filters and whatnot, slow motions can be fantastic or dead boring, it’s all in the style. Here’s a real gem of a short video where everything clicks in gracefully: colors, movements, music… It doesn’t tell much from a narrative point of view, but it’s mighty fun to watch. You really feel the guys were having a (fishless) ball. And as a bonus for the casting geek: some really nice footage of loop formation and propagation…

Hooké, brand new

Here they are! Our friends from Hooké have just launched their new website, adventure, shop and fun, all on their page! Stay tuned because I know they are onto something big coming up next year…something that has to do with a swedish brand.. but it’s a secret and you should not read about it! hooké