Jerome Servonnat is a master tyer and a pike fly fisherman. Since he starts tying those huge streamers he has always look for the proper fly box where he could store its coloured monsters.

There is one question for the pike fly fisherman that founds no clear and absolute answer : what is the best way to store our beloved pike flies ? Different solutions exist, function of the needs of each fisherman, and the type of fly you wanna store : wallets, plastic boxes, suitcases.

In my opinion, suitcases are the most versatile, to store different sizes and types of flies that are more or less bulky, without flattening them.

Fulling Mill is one of the rare brands that offers a true case for pike flies, that is sufficiently thick to store the big streamers. Compact, it fits inside a backpack for the people fishing from the bank. One can store a dozen of 4/0 to 6/0 flies on one side, and 4 to 5 tandems on the other side. The foam is of good quality, and the inserts hold the flies tight.

A nice big fly box that is perfect to store a selection of your best pike fly patterns.

Text (and flies!) : Jerome Servonnat