What a beauty! I forgot how good this film is, probably one of the best films ever about flyfishing. I watched it again earlier this year with my friend Jacky Gaillard, best friend and Mouching Ambassador, you know, the guy who catches tarpons, salmons and big trouts with his only arm. A lesson for us all… Jacky who was in San Francisco with his brother Jean François in the 70’s and were fishing the Russian river for steelheads with all the guys in the film. When the film was over, he had tears in his eyes and so did I, this fil is mindblowing. It takes us to another dimension , far from our little blog and our sunday fishing… It shows you a bunch of buddies for whom fishing was more than a lifestyle, fishing was freedom and THE way of life! If you hav’nt seen it yet, it’s a MUST! You can watch it on streaming! Otherwise you can always buy it for real. [vimeo https://vimeo.com/4499658]