When you fishing there are two kinds of shirts, the one that basically are saying “hey! the guy inside this shirt is a fly fisherman“, they usually have a lot of pockets, straps and bits and bops we don’t really need but most of the time are on the shirt to give you confidence…that you are a real fly fisher! And there are the other shirts, the ones you really like that are like a second skin for you, that are great for fishing but not only. That’s what I’m talking about when I’m write about the Hooké Canadian Shirt a real logger shirt, with it’s read and black checkers, but a shirt that is warm enough you’ll love wearing it outside when you’re fishing and hicking and in town as a jacket. Now I’m going to confess a little photographer’ssecret: you want to pop out in a picture, be eye catching? Wear red! And don’t come saying fish might see us, unless you are sight nymph fishing hiding in the bushes… it doesn’t really matter, and yet we don’t knwo if the fish is not more affraid of your shadow than by the colour of your shirt! In the meantime, if I was you I would get that awesome shirt! And 89,95$Canadian is 63$ US. And for that amount you’ll have a serious swag!