Who is Pierre Barouh? You might ask, well, he is the link between Jazz and Bossa Nova, the bridge between Brasil and Occidental music. But more than that he was the soundtrack of the 60’s thanks to filmaker Claude Lelouch for whom he sang  the soundtrack  and acted in his film “Un homme et une femme” (palme d’or at Cannes in 1966 and  Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film AND Best Writing). But Pierre Barouh was also the definition of Cool, his music always set you in a very special mood. He opened the doors to our Europeans and Americans ears to the real Bossa Nova, the heartbeat of Brasil. We owe him a fantastic documentary on popular Brasilian music Saravah. But Pierre Barouh also started a record company for all the most advanced French, Brasilian and Japanese music. So thank you Pierre for all the hours of joy you brought to us through the music you gave us.

Un homme et une femme[youtube=https://youtu.be/NVmxCL7a6uE&rel=0]Chabadabada[youtube=https://youtu.be/M4yo58nTvhU&rel=0]Saravah, full film[youtube=https://youtu.be/9ZOnENZp9zU&rel=0]Saravah song in englsih[youtube=https://youtu.be/s8dWgfGKq7s&rel=0]