Guys, you want a serious watch at an affordable price? A watch that will allow you to travel everywhere with the feeling your timepiece is a tank? That’s when you need the HPA ABYSS 1000 GT Chaser! Yes you read well : GT chaser! There is only 200 of them available, they are made out of steal (the marine kind), there is an helium valve (to go deeper, up to 1000ft, in case you need to go down to unhook a fly caught in the rocks…)! But what’s nice about this watch (which has a japanese quartz mmovement) it’s that it’s almost discreet, only 38 mm, which makes it wearable in any circumstances. And only you will now, but on the back of the watch there is the famous HPA GT engraved! Go for it! it’s a good price for what it is, and Xmas is not that far…349€!hpa-gtmontre-face