Snap T – Fair Trade

Here they are, the first morning chills, when you’re going out and you wished you had been wearing something warmer. You go to the river and it’s only dead leaves floating like little sailboats racing down the currents. All you have left is reservoir fishing or tropics as an option. But against the cold, what do you have? Are you Virgin or maybe Scorpio? It’s time to ask for a bday present! Look at that Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover, yes, it’s excactly the ones we were wearing as kids but with today’s technology, and if your birthday isn’t coming up, Xams is only less than 3 months away and that’s what you should ask for: the Leaping Industrial Green!  

But the most important about those fleece is that they are certified Fair Trade and it might be the main reason why you want to wear that fleece instead of anotherone to warm you up! And if you don’t like that model, there is plenty of other ones!


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