We all know how Americans like Fly Fishing, (4.5M fly fishers) we know the part of fishing in the American way of life, nearly 50M anglers! Well, lucky you! It’s not like in France where we have been poaching and feeding on the rivers for 2000 years! To celebrate the art of fly fishing, or should we say the Sport? The American Museum of Fly Fishing is compiling everything that exists about our passion! And recently, they updated, they have a fantastic new website, and they are more “in tune” with the new generation of fly fishers. Another figure you have to be aware of is the 11.7 M skiers in the US. So when Parlor Skis made this pair of skis with the AMFF, we had to support them! Look at those skis! And that Brook Trout by Nick Mayer! Don’t you want to wear them? On every pair that is sold, 150$ will go to the AMFF! You need a new pair of skis for this season? Go for it, Parlor are defenatly the ones you want. And if you don’t like Brook trout, there are plenty of models and if you don’t find what you are looking for, make your own!

They also make longboardsparlor