Norrtälje River, in Sweden, the pure definition of street fishing might come from this river! An awesome film, beautiful fish! FOr many of us, in Europe, we cannot fish until March, so when we see fly fishermen, catching trout that size, we are happy for them and of course, a little jealous. Oh, if you want to go too, just know the town is also caller Norrtälje!

We decided to do a short film about our local river, because the river feels a little forgotten and we think it´s because it had a rough couple of years with a lot of things going on in the river. But these last 2-3 years have been really good, with good numbers of spawning seatrout and that means the fishing after 1st of january and forward has been great. In this film you will see our favorite places in the river and also a lot of trouts, nice trouts… make sure you watch until the end!