It’s not so much about the film itself although the landscape, the colours, the river are beautiful. It’s about Roscoe. Roscoe: Trout Town USA! I love Roscoe, my wife and I when we’re back in our house North of the City, we go fishing in Roscoe, we just love it, of course there is a lot of fly fishermen, very few times will you be alone on the river, but it’s part of the fun, we drive up to Roscoe, we eat at the very famous Roscoe Diner, the one you HAVE to stop by.IMG_3608 It’s not special it’s just midway between NY and Cornell, so it’s always filled with students and fly fishers on fridays. I love that place. Than you go in town to the fly shop, you buy the usual flies, you can event take a picture in that frame of a fly fisherman and your head poping out! Nevertheless, Roscoe might be Trout Town USA, there might be a lot of fishermen, the Beaverkill might be stocked. But we love it. And when you love, you are blind! See you at the Roscoe Diner! Capture d’écran 2018-01-11 à 19.01.54