Which Wading Jacket should I get, or which rain jacket should keep me dry when it pours? Orvis comes up with this elegant 3 layers waterproof and breathable jacket. It comes in Grain/Ash or Black/Ash, so you can choose how you want your Pro Wading Jacket !

orvis-pro-wading-jacket-1-of-8Sleeves have elastic waterproof cuffs so you’ll keep your arms dry when getting them in the water. Waterproof zippers, big pockets on the front to carry your fly boxes, an inside pocket, a patch to dry your flies, hard plastic parts to clip your hemostat or your retractors.2JM37W3_AltThe hood has 3 positions to keep you dry wearing your cap and keeping its brim dry, You can adapt the bottom of the jacket to your…size. And there is a D ring for your net in the back.orvis-pro-wading-jacket-5-of-8If you prefer, it’s also available in Black/Ash. And it’s going to cost you 349$, the right price to stay dry!2JM37Wbck_Alt

Oh I forgot to mention the opening zipper for the hot summer stormy days.2JM37W6_Alt