Cosmic Islands : Cabo Verde by Orka !

Houlalalala! It’s hot like hot lava must be! It’s hot and sweet as honey at the same time. At first when I started playing that mixtape everyone turned at me and gave me a looked that ment: “What’s that crappy music you’re playing, Mouchingman?”. I didn’t even answer, went ot the fridge to grab a Ginger Beer than went back to my des k as if nothing happened than I turned up the sound a little bit. The first to get up and get cold drinks were the grils from the office, than the guys from the Mouching followed. I opened my secret cabinet and pulled out a bottle of white rhum I was given in Cuba and joined them. Than everyone started dancing, Romain who had gone to the store to get some food was the first one to  sway to the music, soon followed by Laurent who had turned the sound up a little. Than the nieghbors from the tech came and join us! ANd this was happening thursday evening! Just imagine what it’s going to be friday night! Yes, we area having fun and have a great life at Le Mouching ! So if you want to do the same, just place était allé chercher de quoi grignoter à été le premier à se tortiller entre les tables, alors que Laurent, lui, avait encore monté le son un peu plus fort et au bout d’un moment, tout le bureau dansait, les voisins de la high tech voisine étaient là aussi ! Et nous ne sommes que Jeudi ! Imaginez ce que ça va être ce soir ! Bon, vous voyez, au Mouching, on se la coule douce ! Et si vous voulez faire comme nous, vous pouvez télécharger cette download that mixtape Special Cabo Verde by Orka or just listen to it by clicking on the picture below! Turn the lights down and the sound up!