The Best of both worlds!

Ha! You find that this friday is endless and that you are really bored at the office? Here’s for you, the latest issue from SCALE! But, before you get al excited about fishing, we’d like to ask you to read Jonas Borinski on river Una in Bosnia, that we wher fishing last month, you’ll find his amaizing film Una the One, but it’s also a cry for help to save and protect the rivers in the Balkans from the buiding of nearly 3000 dams and micro centrals, yes, you read well 3000! But that’s not all, if you want to know what turbines from micro centrals (and regular ones too) do to migratory fish, just read Eva Baier article! But luckely there are some good news ! Read the article on sSlovenian Grayling, or our friend’s   porfolio David Tejedor Royo. And there’s plenty more! Enough to keep you busy before you hit the road and go fishing!


Slovenian Graylinggrayling

Project Selva, art and nature in the Peruvian jungleselva

Plastic in a basket : pick up! plastic

Una, the one and only! una

Meeting :Sea troutstripme

Yummyyyyy! Soupfood

Turbines kills! turbine

Flies for pike! flies

David ! David Tejedor Royo.david

It’s over, you can go fishing now. More to come in September!