Bivouac in the mountains

His films are like paintings, they are like poetry books, they are the unexpected poetry in fly fishing. Everytime I watch them they bring something unusual to me, although it’s something I know but it is something that I keep secret deep in me, and it only comes out when I see those films, I see myself, maybe not in Japan, but home on my littel streams, when I was a kid, climbing up the streams looking for small brown trout, so bdarl they almost looked black, it’s my secret life by the river. And no one ever managed to pull out those memories from me. It’s the only way we can feel the poetry of those films, like Aikus, those films grab us by the soul and pull us inside the forest. we are like floating around that fisherman, we are in his secret hidden world.

We don’t know anything about this flyfisher filmmaker. All we know is how hard it is to make such films, to write them, to go lace the camera, nothing is random, all the shots are totally build for one purpose, make you feel what he feels. Than since he shots alone, he has to frame, than get in the frame at the right distance not to be out of focus since he shoots with very small depth field, than once he knows he has his shot, he has to go back to the camera and do it again further up. It’s so beautiful, the choice of mixing music and real direct sound is perfect. I have no words, I only LOVE those films. But who is that filmmaker who signs his films I play with Mountain and a Valley Fish? Whoever you are,, thank you so much. We need beauty.