Tail #36

Salt water in the face, hands that burn, sun that cooks you, storms coming, waves breaking, fish rushing like torpedos and you LOVE IT! You are a Salt Water FLy Fisherman and you are the happiest man on earth because you have the latest issue from Tail Fly Fishing Magazine, the summer issue the #36!mahi

Gear of your dreams!shopping

What fly in your box?inside-box

Lefty Kreh  lefty

Get a headache choosing the right shooting heads !


False Albacorefalse-albacoreTheir names could have been Bob & Bob or Schnuck & Schnuck, they are Thomas & Thomas.thomas-&-thomas



Drew Chicone‘s crab.chicone

NYC = Jamaica Bayjamaica

Off the beaten pathoff-beaten-path

Sunscreen 100+ UPF50, you’re good to go!