Chasing Natives

Yesterday I had dinner with dissidents, guys who know what they talk about, colourful characters with a free speech, all of them had broke free from the old, the old koot flyfishing club to a more happy frienship. So here I was, invited bby two members Renaud Gohin, king of the waterproof bags and Olivier Masmonteil, globe trotter, fly fishing fanatic and painter who we love. They had organiezd a dinner party in a fantastic place, a restaurant in the West part of Paris called Les Résidents, a place where chefs are staying for a few months, giving the best they have, a turn over that is always a great surprise. Yesterday the meal by a Benin Chef and his Japanese assistant was breathtaking, amazing seaweeds, light as a cloud and rich as I had never tasted before, than Fera from Leman Lake and wild duck, all of these with amazing wines such at Barral 2015. Than the sweatness of a french styled Cheesecake brought us to heaven! But if what was in the plates was fantastic, the guests were as wonderful, the talks of course were about fish, adventure, food and good life, What else could it be but bliss! Don’t be foold, it was a fly fishermen’s dinner, and what else could wa have spoke about but that amazing trout we lost n New Zealand, the fantastic Grayling from Bosnia, Salmon from Iceland, Cutthroat from Montana, tiny black trout from my home river in the Massi Central. Anyway, we had such a good time that when I got  back home in the early hours of the night, I was so excited, I decided I needed more and went on the web to find some fishing stories. That’s when I found this film, those two friends driving accross America to fish nattive trout! I loved it, I hope you do to!

Thank you again for the exquisit diner and the company!