4wt – 476 FastGlass® Fly Rod Kit – Blem’

What about building your own rod? Here’s one of the best kit on the market, and it’s fiberglass : the Epic 476 FastGlass! it ain’t cheap since you have to do the job, you might think but pleasure is priceless! And this rod the 7’6″ wt#4 is one of the best if not the best! It comes in two colours you can choose from : red salsa or green olive, you can also choose the but and all! So get busy, Xmas is almost here and it might be long but think how much you’ll be proud once seasons starts and you’ll be by the water with your rod! Ever faught a fish with glass? It’s heaven!! Olive_9fda28c1-4257-4330-a87f-e3e878498291_largeEpic_Rod_Stand_Correct_red_grande