The 5th episode of Mosquitoes And Mayflies series is here. The genius of Rolf Nylinder will never end! In this episode, the dry fly is in the spotlight.

Because there is nothing more beautiful than a trout rising! Or, a rising at dusk. In the evening darkness. The one we hear as much as we see, you see? After that, there is rising and Rising. The ultimate trout rising being in my eyes that of a monster. The one that successively breaks the surface of the head, the back, then the tail of the fish. This famous head and tail.

These evening strokes, where each fish becomes the “last and I go” … These times when trout and its rising become the only thing that matters to you. Where nothing else matters, not even that friend who looks at you, without even judging you. Anyway, how can we judge such a beautiful scene?