Ladies on a Steelhead trip

This film is like opening a window when you’ve been in the house for too long, it doesn’t only bring air to your room, it brings life, it brings joy (not in the Marie Kondo way), it mainly brings sanity! We love that film because it’s a lesson (should I say kick in the balls?) to all the short minded people who say fly fishing is a men’s activity! My wife should have been writing that article, but she’s too busy working so we can get enough money to go fishing! So, this film is not the best fly fishing film we’ve seen but it’s surely one the best that brings joy! It’s “behind the scene” of a fly fishing trip, because fly fishing is all about having fun with friends, we understand some of you like to be alone when they fly fish, but it’s so much fin, it’s such a better experience but to share, life is about sharing, isn’t it? If you don’t share your joy, you end alone. Bravo, beautiful steelhead, ladies!