Red Tag Parachute

That’s the kind of fly you need to have in your box if you want to save the day in early season, not only you’ll see it floating with it’s white mohawk but its red tag is like a magnet and in current, bubles or dark shadowy parts of the river, you’ll be so pleased to be able to see your fly and so the fish will do! A erfect foly for Trout or Grayling. So get to the vise and if you are feeling a bit creative, you can also go for an orange tag! And as it’s friday and you’re probably getting ready for your fishing weekend, you can tie that fly listening to one of our many mixtapes, just go to that page,  and feel freeto choose from the many mixtapes we have in stock! Have a great weekend, see you monday! And do’nt forget to follow us on Instagram and tagg your pictures with  #lemouching or @lemouching, it has the same effect on viewers as that red tag you’re tying, it’s a magnet!