Nunavik, Lewis River, Leaf River, 3 films by Hooké

How lucky you are! 3 films in one post! Are you ready to watch them? Oh, you are stuck? Here’s how we can help you!

  • Solution #1, you have to stay home to take care of the kids, give them spray cans, tell them to go practice street art and get comfortable in front of a screen while they have fun! (if they are too young for that, just tell them it’s nap time while you go fly fishing with Hooké)
  • Solution #2, you are at the office, just pretend to have a terrible diarrea, lock yourself in the toilet and watch the films peacefuly!
  • Solution #3, at work? Set up a meeting and explain your colleagues you are planning on a team building fly fishing trip and they have to watch those films with you!
  • Solution #4, you suddenly have a very high fever and are very contagiousvous, therefore you have to go home, that’s when you watch those films on your mega tv, eat potatoe chips and drink beer!

Pick the one you want! But in any case, say thank you to Hooké !