Skiing in Georgia, but first you have to get there!

Capture d’écran 2019-04-17 à 23.02.12First of all let’s welcome Gregory Crema, our new writer in the team, Greg comes from Savoie fishes, skiis and works in the valley of Chamonix, in the Alps, makes you want to be him, right? 

So what’s better than an article on an adventure of a bunch of friends going to ski at the end of Georgia (the country, not the state!) to start the relationship with Greg? You’ll have time to discover him, he’s super cool, we met sometimes ago when he interviewed us for his local fly fishing club. SO before you read his fishing adventures, here’s his first post to travel to!

You are fed up with that shitty snow but you could not resist?  Then to end the ski season with style, we would like to share with you a road trip initiated by Fabian Lentsch.
With his friends, they have made a remake of “pimp my ride” with a pile of scrap initially used as a fire truck. “The Snowmads truck” was born. Follow them to Georgia, Turkey and Iran.
More than skiing, it is a human adventure. So take your passeports, wax your boards and let’s go!