Mambo X Boogaloo party by Mono Loco Mixtapes

I heard on the radio a guy was selling Scottish pebbles you stashed in the freezer and that they were better than ice cubes. I looked on the web and ordered them. I received a little box a couple of weeks later, my name and address were handwritten on it and on the top left corner was a sticker saying From Scotland with Love. By the window I could see the line of cars leaving the city, I saw myself stuck for hours, I also remebered the weather forecast I saw earlier and the idea of spending a weekend under the rain, even in May, just made think how tired I was from work. I looked at the sofa, I felt depressed, in the hallway my bag and my rods were on the chair, waiting. I looked once again at the cars bumper to bumper on the street.

Half an hour later, coming out from my bath. Over my pajamas, I was wearing a balck corduroy dressing gown with a red belt, a perfect ourfit for winter I was wearing in Spring. I felt so comfortable. I pulled the scottish pebbles from the freezer , they were so cold they burned my fingers. They made a funny noise as they fell in the cristal glass, a kind of “plok”. I poured the whisky and looked at the little rocks in the amber of the drink. It was exciting, a new experiment, I had never thought of replacing the ice rocks by real frozen stones. I brought the glass to my lips and I not only tasted the delicious rawness of the whisky but also another strong taste that reminded me the taste of pebbles from the river, we used to put in our mouth, pretending to be clever. Driven, I palyed Mono Loco’s mixtape on my amp and once the intro was over, I started dancing to the ryhtme of Malagueña, glass in hand, I was scooping accross the living room as the lights of the night started to dance in the dark. I was the king of the dancefloor, women were dreaming to dance in tmy arms.

I woke up at the wee hours, laying down on the couch, my cat licking my face. On the carpet was an empty bottle and spilled glass. The little balck rocks were ther, on the rug, did they have a hidden power?

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