Fly Fishing on a lake requires inner strength against boredom.

How much do I hate stillwater fly fishing, it demands too much patience that I don’t have. I don’t know how to stay still and wait for hours, I don’t know how to “read” the surface of a lake, searching for a bubble line created by wind or subtle currents. I feel totally lost and this kind of torture has been going on for years! I started fishing on liakes, that’s how you learn when you are in Paris, it’s easier to get to a reservoir for casting lessons and there are everywhere. But, Lord, how did I hate that.But everyone is not like me, and this video proves it, check Jack Wikeman, he’s on that lake as if he was at home, he likes that lake, in fact he loves it and his patience is rewarded. I’m sure there are some of you who love reservoirs, this film is for you!