May God bless Dr John and all the Southern music!

When I was a kid, my brother organized concerts and one of the first ones in 1969 was Dr John at the School of Economics of Paris, Dauphine. That’s how I’ve heard that very special voice and that bayou rythme, it was the door to all the musics I woul d listen to until now, and the musics that have mojo, all the musics that have a genuine soul! Have you seen that energy, those suits? Listening to Dr John was not only listening to blues m usic, it was an open door to sin and at the same time redemption, voodoo, the dampness of Louisiana, the heat of the bayou night, the land of cajuns, half french half americans.I had just finished reading Huckleberry Finn’s adventures and went from the shores of Mississippi to the heart of the delta, I was ten and it sticked to me ever since. Thank you Dr John. And for you, here’s a mixtape frome DJ One Zero dedicated to the good Doctor, you can download it here, it’s sweating like a bayou night, blues, voodoo, shrimps, gumbo and jambalaya! I added a couple of master pieces, such as  Such a night and that amazing duet with Etta James! Anyways, everytime I would see a film on Louisiana, or each ttime the night was warm and humid, tropical, I thought about listening to Dr John. Have a good week end. Listen to that mixtape loud and dance for him, I wish I could be in New Orleans for his funeral, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

Such a night avec la super tenue de Mardi Gras !

I rather Go Blind Etta James + Dr John

Mixtape by DJ One Zero

And as a super gift, here’s the full concert from Dr John’s New Orlean’s Swamp from 1974, a  gem you have to listen loud and watch full screen!