Splitcane Umeå: two handed splitcane builder, fly fishing guide, rastafari and trumpet player!

Here are two films on Guhuru Milita aka Splitcane Umeå, since he makes splitcane rods and lives in Umea, Sweden, and his rods are real catapults, forget about the idea of slow heavy wobbly old school bamboo rods! If I was going to Sweden I would go up to Umea, jus to spend some time with him in his shop, listening to pmusic, and going fishing! So the films, the first one is a very short but beautiful protrait of Guhuru, the second gives you a chance to know him better, he shares his love for fly fishing and bamboo rods. aOf course if you listen to our mixtapes, you’ll guess what we’ll talk about if we ever meet him!