Our friends from Hooké, go to meet Peto, in the end of Patagonia! Dinner is ready!

You know our love for good food, it is impossible for us to go fishing without h-lanning on a good meal wther it’s by the river or in the evening, wherever we are! Taht is another thing we have in comon with our friends from Hooké. Another good reason to get together!

Renown chef from Argentina, Peto enjoys perpetuating culinary traditions. As someone who loves nature and good food, he travels to the shores of the Corcovado River every summer to cook in the most authentic way there is. In the last few years, Peto has built his cooking mill, as well as its wire support, to make sure he contributed to every step of the preparation up to the consumption of his meals. Yes, it’s about choosing the right ingredients, but for him, it’s eating in the best environment possible. Every day, he meets with gaúchos who are in charge of territory management as well as the livestock, and he plans for the best moments to prepare lamb. Humble in his skills, he judges that he is only helping the river.

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People we met – Peto from HOOKÉ on Vimeo.