The old bearded man is coming soon and you have no ideas. Fortunately Le Mouching is here to help you!!

Everybody knows the bottle opener keyring. However you can always open a beer with a lighter, the clip of your vest or your teeth. But for a bottle of wine it’s not the same. So here is the corkscrew keyring made in France, elegant, customizable and really effective. Price:28.9€


To complete the corkscrew, I also propose this beautiful Deejo’s designed blade. These knives are terribly sexy and have a unique style. Essential for snacks at the edge of the water. Price:54.9€


Then, a natural line. If you are found of beautiful objects, can trust it. You will have a wonderful glide, poses and ripped on top of discretion and zero memory. The two drawbacks of this product is the sweet sound when you go casting and greasing your line before your fishing trip (which will also give it this very characteristic and very pleasant smell). Personally, I love these lines. Price:145.9€

soie naturelle

For fans of fly tying, you really need this book. Barry Ord Clarke published a book with 28 step by step patterns. Convenient for those who don’t like to get behind the vise and follow their YouTube videos. Price: 25£


For predator fishers, the ideal boat is the float-tube. You can move without noise and thus fish inaccessible spots from the edge. Or simply lounge in your pool with it. Price:211.99€


For novices wanting to try fly-fishing, I always advise investing in a not too expensive gear. For having repeatedly tested the kit fly-fishing home decathlon, I find it really top. The rod is neither too stiff nor too soft, the line slides well and the reel fulfills its function. In addition, you will only have to tie a fly at the end of the line because it is a pack ready to go. Price:45€

kit décathlon

Here is a classy jacket. Certainly not given but it is really beautiful and it can accompany you fishing but not only… A must to stay dry. Price:645€ Loop Tackle.


If you do not find your happiness in this selection, go on the mouching shop. There is always something. Merry Christmas!!

Many thanks to Erik Svendsen for his picture.