Rise Festival, unique in France, once again offers superb productions of films dealing with our favorite subjects: fishing, fish and rivers.

And this year again, the teasers offered by the festival made our mouths water! Special mention to the film Charles Ritz Prize, Sentries at the Bedside of the Rivers, which reminds us that today, more than ever, the rivers need us, fishermen. Without volunteers, there would be no struggle for them.

We will also see the film by BFT Media and Escape Feeling, Thyrorus. On the program: jungle and peacock bass. I sign immediately! We will finally see Boat Pass: the hunt for Lord Bonefish in New Caledonia. What make your eyes bleed in front of the beauty of the landscapes, the flats and these incredible fish. In short, this Rise Festival will be a new opportunity to dream of our future fisheries, those that we miss so much at the moment.

The Rise will be present in many cities. No less than 24 stages throughout France. What to organize a superb evening with friends!

Some teasers :