Houlalala! You thought we had forgotten you and that there was nothing to dance to? Here’s to beg for your forgivness, a motherload of mixtapes to download!

JAZZ  But first we’d like to pay a tribute to McCoy Tyner with one of my albums: Inception!

Now that you are settled (or maybe you didn’t even listened to it, but it’s fine) you are now going to have some fun!

COOL First to start easy, let’s play Roosticman et Colours of Music, perfect to chill and have a few drinks while chatting! Donwload here as you prepare your cocktails.

REGGAE  You’re good? Having a good time? Let’s have some warm and sensual roots with Cylure : Black Diamond Music from Café des Artisans, Lausanne Switzerland ! Download here.

SOUL That’s it, you’re ready for more? Push the furnitures in the corner and roll the carpet ! One Hour and  a Half of dance mix for the 12 anniversary of New York Rican Soul !! 1/30 de bonheur ! Download here!

SOUL FUNK You still have some energy and you like it? Here’s Mondaze Mixtape #216  Level B Low. As usuall, you download here. It’s funky and cool at the same time, perfect to slow down and have a drink!

FUNK And since you like soul music and funk, here’s a gem : Soul Food Course 25, and it starts with this great song by Gil Scott Heron! download.

FUNK So you took a break, it’s time to dance again: Mondaze #217: Fils de Funk don’t ask yourself if you should, just download it!

SALSA Now it’s time for something more tropical, Mix #491 de Frankie Ruiz ! Descargar aqui !

That’s it, it’s over, Do you still have enough energy to go to bed? See you soon!