Ah! You enjoyed watching Floating Flies by Rolf Nylinder with Avård Stubø? Here’s the Podsol team in the heart of Lapland, for your eyes and for your ears!

You cannot wait? Opening day takes too long to come? Are you like us or are you craving for that day? If you’re like us, we don’t really care, opening day always comes too early and the waters are very often too high and there are too many anglers by the river! And we prefer flying insects. It’s true that we have so many films to watch and things to do that we can waut (if you are in Quebec or in France and Belgium you can watch Le Mouching film : Polders on the fly.) But here’s a poetic film by Podsol, a new brand that has one rod and a couple of caps, but Podsol is much more than that, it’s joy and freindship, love and fish, Lapland and laughter! Rolf Nylinder and Avard Stubø! Watch it now and turn the sound up!