Need we say more or do we just have to add that it is Rolf Nylinder’s new film and that you should treat yourself and buy it immediatly?

What is there to say but that you are going to find yourself in the heart of fly fishing with that je ne sais quoi  that you find in Rolf Nylinder’s films but you’ll also meet :  Peter Kristensen, Guhuru Milta, Jack Hogan, Håvard Stubø from Jazz & Fly Fishing, in other words, you’ll be fishing with some of the best from Europe!

At the beginning we’ll join Peter in England, along the Test river, craddle of fly fishing, with all the codes that are tight to fly fishing. Than we’ll hop to Nothern Scandinavia with Håvard, a road trip in search of the big trophy trout, feeding on caddies big as sparrows! A real adventure how we like them, a film of a rare energy, and even if we don’t always get what is said, since it happens they speak swedish but do we really care? Isn’t the spirit of fly fishing an international language that we all understand? So you  HAVE to watch Floating Flies,  rent it or even better buy it, since the money will be spent on Rolf’s next film and since his films are for us a dream machine, you know what to do! Is Spring here already? I cannot wait to go fishing!

Floating Flies from Rolf Nylinder