The second opening for this year is near. So what could be better than planning a trip or a day of fishing with our buddy Marc?

Hi Marc, so first, the same and usual question: can you introduce yourself?

Marc Boesch, 38 years old, I come from Haute-Marne in Esatern France, and I’m a fly-fishing guide for more than 10 years now. I ‘m lucky be living for  the past 15 years in Southern France, in Antibes, just a few kilometers from the beautiful rivers and streams of the Mercantour, in the Alps.

How long have you been fishing?

Well let say I fell in when I was a child. There was lot of fishermen around me, my grandfather, my father and my uncles. But my father was the one who especially introduced me to fly-fishing at a very early age, he practiced this technique already before the 80s! He was also very active in a flyfishing club where I spent a lot of time to flytying and practicing my cast. Everyone took good care of me, I was the only kid in the Club!

What is your favorite specie on fresh and salt water? Why?

For fresh water, unquestionably is the trout. This specie gave me the virus, and even prevented me from sleeping the nights before the opening.


For salt water, I don’t really have favorite, each catch is unique and sporty. What I prefer is not the records where the fights drag on but rather fish like bonefish, blue trevallie or snook, with which the weight/power ratio is reasonable.

What is your favorite fishing specialty or technique and why?

My favorite technique is dry fly-fishing in fast water. It is necessarily obvious to know how to adapt but to see a trout rising to the surface is one of the most beautiful things and that is the real meaning of fly-fishing. When I prospect a new destination, what I’m looking for are the dry fishing conditions in the sector, that’s usually what a great majority of customers seek!

We all have a favorite fly, which is yours?

Should I have to keep one for trout, it would be the Adams parachute! Master key, visible, the top!


How did you decide to become a flyfishing guide?

I always have had the fly fishing and travel virus. I was looking for a job that could combine both passions. I discovered that there were training courses to be a Guide, so I got started!

Tell us about the profession of fly-fishing guide and what does it implies?

To be a fly-fishing guide, first means sharing. The fundamental point which I want to highlight and the most important to me : a fishing guide doesn’t fish! My knowledge, my experience, are there for my clients.

We are here above all to support, with one objective: to ensure that each customer leaves with the best possible experience. Whatever the weather conditions, or if the fishermen are too numerous… This implies calling on all the resources available, and above all a solid background of the spot and fishing.

You offer a wide selection of destinations, whether in fresh or salt water.How did you make these choices? Which do you think is the best?

I have been lucky since my beginnings to work with a travel agency which has an incredible catalog of fly destinations and a very great experience in the organization of fishing trips! I first proposed destinations that I knew as the back of my hand, such as Slovenia, Ireland or even Sweden! Then I went to explore new places that I was eager to discover, always wilder. This is how I found myself offering stays in Canada or even Greenland!


and at last, a succession of opportunities allowed me to find myself in New Zealand or in French Polynesia!
When asked what is the best destination, I would say that they have all their charms! If it is absolutely necessary to decide, my best experience as a trout fisherman is probably New Zealand!

I imagine that you kept a memory of your first flyfishing guide trip? Can you tell us about it?

Yes I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in Slovenia with 2 clients who are still since. In a country where you feel at home, having traveled back and forth for many years, you tell yourself that everything will work out for your customers. And there, the weather gets involved. Big storms, everything overflows and all your plans fall into the water! I knew that this profession would not be simple at this precise moment. I did not panic, we pushed to Croatia where the conditions were better. Finally the stay was able to take place in good conditions and the customers were delighted. I lived there a first experience which put me directly in the bath. We are learning all the time, that’s what’s exciting.

What are you doing when you don’t work?

I make the most of my family. Even if many envy us this job, it has its constraints. I am away for a good part of the year, so when I am here I spend my time with my loved ones and especially of my little girl who is 4 years old. I hope that when she will be older she could come with me in the discovery of our beautiful planet!

You have a mouching’s friend, so how did you meet Cyril?

Cyril has been a long time friend  woth the team at Planetflyfishing, the agency which I work with. We first met on winter fly fishing shows in which I participate each year; we quickly sympathized! I put on my first Mouching cap there and we said to ourselves that we had to do some fishing together very quickly. We first did an autumn trip to Slovenia with our dear ones, then we started the films “Mouching”. We try to see each other regularly, even if our calendars are busy!

I know you are working on your new website with Romain. When will it be operational?

The website has been operational since January of this year. I had to set up a small FlyShop in Italy on April 1 (before Mr. Covid-19 fell on our heads), suddenly this winter we worked well with Romain on the site so that it would be operational a little before the store opening! It is the case, the store will have to wait until everything is back to normal, I hope for July. For the moment you can find a wide selection of 100% fly fishing products on the website of Alpine Flyshop.

Trick question, what will you first do when the quarantine will be over?

I will get into my car, with my backpack, fly rod and finally I BREATHE !!!

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