The last glide, the one that smells like the end of the fishing season, the one that gives a different value to the fish you manage to catch, those fish who are stashing proteins for wintertime as the snow whitens the moutains.

Håvard Stubø from Jazz & Fly Fishing, gives us this great gift to close this trilogy:  The Motherload Diaries, that mythical river  to his eyes, in Northern Scandinavia. But does this river really exists or is it a fantasy? For us, it mreminds us that happyness in fly fishing really comes with friends. FLy fishing with your best friends allows you to be yourself, your real self and it’s the only way to fly fish at the best. The last pictures of the film also shows us that to be alone gives an all other dimension to whatever we do. Thanks Håvard, the film is great and the soundtrack: awesome!

Last Glide | The Motherload Diaries Part Three from Jazz & Fly Fishing