It was late September, I was working in that rehab close to Aubervilliers, just outside Paris, in my car I had stashed all my fly fishing gear in. Once the work was over, my plan was to hit the road to Dordogne river and Tarn river for the late season fishing. I was going to drive to Paradise!

That’s part of the game, you park your car near the crack houses of suburbia, you expose yourself to trouble. Those crackheads they need cash and are ready to go to any length to get cash and what is more tempting than a station wagon with traveling bags in it? So in less time that it takes me to write this, my car was opened and ALL my gear was stollen! I mean 30 years of stashing little things you never find again, the 2 pairs of waders, the wading shoes (felt and Vibram) the rain jackets, the reels, (all of them, #4#5#6, plus the extra ones in case you need them, the lines, the clippers, the sunglasses, made to my view (the ones for dim days, the ones for bright days, the ones for the evening, and the spare ones!  The flies, I mean tens of fly boxes! I guess they left the rods and the net because they were not in the bags and didn’t know what to do with them. Everything I had was in that car.

I was desperate, I went to the cops and they told me, whatever they wont find to be sold to the dealers, they’ll throw in the canal… I cried. I reached out for help, and help came! flies sent

I would like to thank you all, all of you who tied flies for me, all of you who took time to mail me some : Loïc Jugan, Jérôme Garcia, Grégory Créma, Régis Perrot, Julien Gaucherot, Flavien Malempré, Alexandre Foulc, Patrick Toledo, Fabrice Bergues, Julien Wubon, Cedric d’Aquas Viventes, Alexis Desfrançois, Nathan de la Rocha (I hope I am not forgetting anyone, since the mail was pretty unreliable during the pandemic). I would like to thank all of you!FlyboxesI almost cried when I received all those letters, when I opened them and saw all those flies! There was so many of them I had to buy flyboxes! I am going to use them next week in Southern Brittany where I am going to shoot a film, I will again take the opportunity to thank you again, my dear Mouchingers!

Merci, les amis.