Sometimes you find on the web a fly fishing film which looks like an ordinary fly fishing film, but sometimes it’s not. In that case, we’ve found a gem! This is way more than what you expect to find, it’s moving, it might bring tears to your eyes, born in Cuba, raised by the sea, living in Miami : Dan Diez. It’s one of the best films we had this year!

You are probably going to say the same thing we told ourselves when we started watching it, another fly fishing guy in Florida. We were wrong, it’s one of the best films we had, so human, so many feelings watching it, an amazing story, the story of a humble family, from Cuba to Miami. You’ll probably have another point of view on people looking for shelter, the ones we call migrants. This film is fantastic.

Dan Diez loves to fish. It’s the reason why he spends many long nights under bridges in Miami fly fishing out of a canoe for giant tarpon. On the surface, his passion flows from the thrills and wonder of a heart-pounding experience with rod and fly that connects him intimately with the natural world. However, at a deeper level, the passion is rooted in a story—a story about Dan and his grandfather—that involves traditions born in Cuba, political imprisonment, the search for a new home, and a relationship with water that symbolizes a freedom often taken for granted.

Film by Simon Perkins, Orvis president and owner of Sharptail Media, and Henry Miles of Backroad Creative Music by Sweet Lizzy Project