Kiruna, last main town before… nothing! Up in Lapland, home of moskitos, raindeers, grayling and trout, our friends from Hooké discover the amazing wilderness. Ready to go?

The first time I went to Northen Lapland, North of Kiruna, I got the crazies! I was just 16 and my mind was filled with the sexual freedom fantasy of Scandinavia and the obsession to fish. I ate a lot of fish… I didn’t know when to stop fishing, night did not exist and fish were so numerous, almost as numerous as the moskitoes that were driving me crazy! But man, how did I love Lapland, enough to go back as much as I could.

Apparently, Hooké is like me, like us, like everyone who ever fished in Lapland, they are possessed!

Last August we were in Kiruna in Swedish Lapland exploring the mountains and the amazing fishing with Arctic Heli. Aboard the Arctic heli Helicopter we flew to a remote camp and explored the surroundings in search of brown trout with the our guide Håkan Söderqvist. Thanks to Fishing Kiruna Lapland for making this possible. We will be back soon!

Fly Fishing with Arctic Heli in Kiruna Lapland from HOOKÉ