That’s it, you’re home, after a long day at work which felt like hell since you have to wear a mask, you’re finaly taking it of and taking time for yourself! As a reward, here’s issue 23 of The Mission Mag, enjoy!mission cover

So you get comfortable on the sofa, take a drink, some psalted peanuts, and you can release the joy machine that is that #23 of The Mission Mag!

First of all:  Dan Factor, the guy (guide) who’s in the top of every fluy fishing competition in SAF, here’s his portrait.
dan factor

The Hills are Alive : Marina Gibson went fishing with our friends from The Fly Fishing Nation to discover streams and rivers from Austria and Germany, filled with fish!Hills are alive

Live at Red Rock : While we watched Netflix nonstop on our couche,  James Kristen went to Red Rock Camp. Live at redrock

The Cassowary, Australia, Gerald Penkler and his wife Suzanne take us to places that are going to are sick! cossawary

Haaaa, the Salad Bar! The best shopping ideas you can get, and don’t say you are not interested, we know how much you spent on gear and tying material in confinement, so don’t pretend it’s not for you!salad bar

Level Headed – After 70 days on lockdaown Graham Weakley decides to g ofishing for bass, who thought that no one would bother them anymore! level headed

Are you excited yet? I know what your dreams are made of, now. So go out and play, the fish is waiting for you! But play safe, keep your distance and wear a mask when needed.