The story of all the guys you see on flats fishing videos, how it started, who they are, what and why they fish! The best film to be watching when trout season is going to be over and salt water exotic fishing is going to start in November (for the ones who can afford it and if the virus allows us to travel)!


10 years, 8 countries, 1 lousy budget.
What promised to be a trip focused on catching enormous game fish, quickly pivoted to a masterclass in cultural immersion the moment their flats-boots hit the ground.


A bunch of friends are making it back to Belize, where it all started years ago. Was the fishing amazing? Were the fish enormous? Was the weather perfect? All it takes to have a great film and a great adventures is friends, good friends. When are we going to Ambergris, guys?


Because of COVID, borders with Belize are closed at least until November 1rst. You can help the official local guides, all the money will be equaly shared between all the guides working with lodges which are closed. Read and donate here!


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