When I watch a film from Podsol or from their friends Jazz & Fly Fishing or by Rolf Nylinder, I know I am going to be moved, that I am going to feel an emotion that is going to surprise me, wether it is melancholy, joy, blliss, there is a long list of feelings I might get and all of their films are jewels, this one is!

As soone as I started watching that film I was carried away, is it that we’re on lockdown and I cannot go fishing? I don’t know, what I know is that I instantly felt I was “out there” I could feel the early spring weather, the wind that carries the scents of the river, the sun that warms you when you are sheltered from the wind, I even heard the birds! Everything connected me with who I am, a fly fisher, and the landscapes brought me to Aubrac, my childhood mountains in Southen France, to Patagonia, and of course to Lapland. All those fly fishing memories are now in my head, and it’s pure happyness, thank you for that, my week will be a better week.

Fly fishing footage to the sound of The Tallest Man On Earth and Amanda Bergmans version o the traditional folk song “Moonshiner” (Bob Dylan) from the Little Red Barn Show.

Et voici The Tallest Man on Earth à Paris, chantant Moonshiner.