Tétiaroa, an atoll in the middle of nowhere, 40 miles North of Tahiti, an atoll as you picture them: a lagoon, a few motus (livable islands) coconut trees, a small runway, a tiny pier and the warm Pacific wind, a real postcard of Paradise.

But Téitoroa, is much more than that, it’s the island Marlon Brando fell in love with as he was on the set of Mutiny on The Bounty. It was the actual island where the Bounty mutineers settled. So he rented the island for 99 year, and it’s still in their hands. But it’s not for that reason that we focus on Tetiaroa it’s for FLY FISHING! Massive GT’s, fast Bonefish and feisty Trigger fish, that’s what we are really looking for! The hotel is not the old five room hotel with no electricity and a water pump, now it’s the Brando Resort, so if you want ot have fun there, you probably have to play and win MegaMillion in order to cast your fly to those fish!

But nevertheless, Kane Chenoweth’s film The Promise Land is a great film to watch!

Watch full screen and protect yourself from sunburns!